Staying at hotel relaxes my mind and helps me in refreshing myself.

Sometimes I stay in hotel for no specific purpose but just for ‘having a time in hotel’ itself.

I book this hotel after I finish my work at 8 pm.

This is Santa Fe hotel. It is about 5min drive away from the place where I live.

This is actually not luxury hotel but is facing beach and has a taste of beach resort.

You may see t at daytime picture


When I check in around 8:30 pm, I was hungry. So I had Tuna Poki and Meat sauce spaghetti in the hotel restaurant.

The restaurant is just besides a beach.

I like the location more than the taste of meal.

It is more beautiful at breakfast time.

This is THE BEACH RESORT HOTEL, isn’t it?

I show you also my room. It is double room, I believe.

It is old style, but match the hotel design.

Hotel itself has this ‘old but cute resort hotel’ taste.

I book the room last minutes (just 30min before check in. lol) but the room is only USD90 including breakfast.

I stay by myself but the rate is same even for 2 people.

It is cost friendly and instagenic (instagrammable) hotel, indeed.

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