Centurion Lounge is Amex’s airport lounge.

Most credit card lounges are accessible by gold card, but Centurion Lounge is open only for American express Platinum and Centurion members.

First Centurion Lounge in Asia was just open on October in HongKong international airport!

In HongKong, I love Cathay Pacific’s ’The Pier’ lounge the best but am not eligible for it at this time as I fly with Japan Airlines, not Cathay.

So, I choose this lounge. (Luckily I hold platinum card).

The location is close to Emirates, Thai(TG) and United’s lounges.

Receptionist ask my platinum (or centurion) card and boarding pass at entrance.

How does it look like??

It is not modern style, but is more like nostalgic.

I check some reviews online first and notice the lounge offers varies types of alcoholic drink at bar.

But,,, I don’t drink much actually…

So, I just have a little food with a juice.

I wish I loved drink and enjoyed this lounge better…

Oh no, Actually I still enjoy it. It is not because of drink. It is because of shower.

Shower facility itself is not really special but its amenity is!

See? Its amenities are all L’OCCITANE!

I like L’OCCITANE’s scent.

So far I have seen Cathay’s 4 lounges (The Pier, The Bridge, The Wing, The Cabin), United’s Lounge, Singapore Airlines’ Lounge and this Centurion Lounge in HongKong.

So far, Cathay’s The Pier is the best. Centurion Lounge is an option when I don’t fly with Cathay.

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