Finally I am boarding MH002 KualaLumpur to London l. It is operated by A380.

It’s first time I board this huge double deck aircraft.

KL airport has a jet bridge fit A380.

Boarding area has two floors.

I go up to upper floor to board upper deck.

Upper deck is all business class.

My seat is here.


First left window seat, 6A.

The next seat is vacant.

A380 excites me and I take many pictures.

I like this storage.

Cabin crew comes to serve welcome drink and amenity.

The seat is equipped with charger.

Okay, I connect my iPhone to it.



It doesn’t work.

I ask cabin crew why it doesn’t work.

She says ‘An engineer is now checking’.

Hm? You said engineer?

I don’t like this answer.

I guess it’s a defect of aircraft itself.

I get it right… Cabin crew makes an announcement 10 min later.

‘This flight will be delayed for one hour due to engineer servicing’.

Sigh. I stay in the seat for one hour.

Another announcement is made.

‘This aircraft system shows error message but the cause of the error isn’t found yet. All passnegers are requested to alight the aircraft’.

Omg!!! Will we be offloaded?!

I talk to cabin crew and ask if the flight will really be dispatched today.

It may be cancelled and we may be accommodated on tomorrow’s flight at the worst scenario.

The crew endorse me to ground staff.

I request duty manager to transfer me to other airline’s flight just in case.

I have already checked there are flights of Emirates, Qatar and Etihad a few hours later from KL to London via Middle East.

I am kept waiting long but finally the manager approves to transfer me to Qatar Airways.

The flight is as below.

Okay, I can still arrive at London after lunch time.

I leave Malaysia Airlines’ boarding area and proceed to Qatar’s gate.

I arrive there 30min before departure. Huh.

Malaysia Airlines’ A380… I miss you again…

But I am excited to experience the world’s best business class!

Qatar Airways is awarded for ‘The world’s best business class’.

Okay, now I board Qatar’s A340 for Doha.

<To be continued to next post>

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