I come back to KL airport from Putrajaya.

I have checked in through to London in Manila but stop by check in counter also here in KL to get fast pass.

Business class passenger is eligible for priority security and immigration path.

KLIA is really huge.

And Golden Lounge owned by Malaysia Airlines is also huge!

Can you see how big it is?

There are various hot meals.

Shower facility is located in a rest room.

In exchange with boarding pass, receptionist gives me towel and amenities.

And finally a boarding for MH002 for London is called.

It’s operated by A380. Malaysia Airlines suspended some flights operated by this humonges aircraft after the disasters and only London flight remains.

The management states they will release also A380 by 2018. So it may be last chance for me to board it!!!

<To be continued to next post>

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