My parents visit me from Japan.

Actually my father loves Guam and visit here for 8 times already. 3 of them are after I moved here.

My mother also visited me last year and it is second visit.

I was waiting for them in airport.

I expected to wait for 1 hour or more as US boarder control is strict but I just did 40min.

Oh it is fast.

They stay at Hilton hotel, premier tower.

(This is main tower taken from premier tower)

They spent one day by themselves for shopping and another day with me.

I take them to Two Lovers Point.

Selfie with Mother.

It is sooooo sunny day.

And gun beach.

Only Mother enjoys the beach.

Father and I just stay away as it is super hot.

She falls down on the beach… OMG.

Then we have lunch at TohLee restaurant in Nikko hotel coz it has got very nice view over Tumon Bay.

By chance, my bosses and coworkers are also in the restaurant!!!

Actually I have repeatedly told my parents how they are good. So, my parents look happy to see them in person finally.
Such a day in Guam with parents
They stay here only for 3nights and are leaving early tomorrow.

I guess they will visit me again in one year. lol

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