I take HK Express (UO)’s flight to fly to HongKong.

(This was on June 2nd. The flight is suspended a few weeks later.)

It’s just $128 for one way. I like HK Express as it is so budget friendly.

There is loooong que and I line up for 30min.

My check in completes just in 30 seconds as I don’t have check in bag.

I wanted to have dinner in airport but food court is already closed… What?!!!!

I buy chocolate for now…

I board the aircraft on time and the flight takes off without delay.

What I need is MEAL!!!

UO is LCC. Inflight meal is not free, of course.

Meal and drink, 85 HK dollars. It’s okay. I am hungry.

The flight is about 4.5hours. I am here, HongKong!

Actually this flight was full of passengers. Most seats are taken. I am wondering why the flight is suspended later on…

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