I finally board a last flight to London.

Qatar Airways (QR)’s Doha – London flight operated by B777.

Seat is full flat.

I ask cabin crew if I can move to vacant window seat and am allowed.

Cabin crew come to serve me welcome drink.

A bottle of water is pre set under armrest.

Just as in the previous flight (KUL-DOH), passenger can order anything at menu at any timing.

So, I have a breakfast before taking a sleep.

Okay, it’s time to sleep. Make up a bed.

Scene over the window is desert. It’s so Middle East.

Several hours later. I wake up and have a small sweet.

And the scene outside changes to Europe’s.

Okay I am arriving at London finally!!!

Cabin crew asks me ‘How was our flight?’

I answered ‘Actually I booked Malaysia Airline and was just transferred to your flight due to aircraft defect. But I am surprised your service is much better than Malaysian’s’.

The crew smiled and said ‘I expected the answer!’

Hahaha, she is a funny crew.

When I alight the aircraft, I just see a Malaysian A380 which I supposed to take.

I didn’t know that I will face another trouble also here in London yet…

<To be continued to next post>

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