Finally I arrive at London by Qatar Airways (QR).

Every time I came to London, immigration officer gave me looooong and plenty questions.

UK’s boarder control is the strictest in my life. It’s stricter than US.

Once before immigration officer asked me why I resigned from airline and told me ‘I can’t understand your decision’ after I explained ‘I resigned airline to challenge something new’.

Hey, it’s my life, not your business!

I am always scared of UK boarder control…

What happens at this time???

The officer ask me where I stay and I show a confirmation of 3nights reservation at Hilton London Kensington.

Then, the officer gave me a stupid question ‘Can you afford to stay at Hilton?’.

If I can’t, what’s this confirmation ?!

Sigh. Anyway I am admitted to enter UK after a couple of questions.

I am very tired after almost 40hours airplane journey, and the officer makes me more tired…

Anyway, i proceed to customs area to claim my baggage.

Guess what happens to me.
My baggage is lost!!!


I request QR’s ground handling agency, Dnata, to locate my baggage.

Their system shows my baggage is still in KualaLumpur.


Malaysia Airlines (MH) transferred me to QR after I was offloaded from their A380 aircraft, but they didn’t transfer my baggage.

I asked Dnata agent to send a message to MH to load my baggage on next available KualaLumpur-London direct flight.

The agent, however, told me the baggage is already on the way via Doha…

Hey, why did MH load it on non-direct flight?

Baggage routing doesn’t need to be same as my routing. (It’s called ‘RUSH’ baggge in aviation industry)

Anyway I am noticed that the baggage will be delivered to my hotel one day late.

I can’t complain on QR as it’s MH’s mishandling, not QR’s.

By the way, London is already cold in October.

And I wear only t-shirt as I live in Guam where winter never comes.

How can I go out to cold London without jacket?

Now you will see how QR and MH are different.

I proceed both to QR and MH’s service counter to ask for a help.

MH agent says ‘we can’t help you. It’s your fault you put jacket only in check in baggage. If you want to complain, contact a customer center in Malaysia, not us’.

QR agent rushes to their VIP lounge and gets me a blanket.


See the difference in these two airlines?

Now I am your fan, QR!

I think MH’s service is going down after two tragedies a few years ago…

Maybe MH cuts extra cost and extra service to survive. It’s understandable.

Anyway, finally I am in London!!! Hi

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