Unexpectedly I was transferred to Qatar Airways (QR)’a KualaLumpur-London via Doha flight from delayed Malaysia Airlines (MH)’s KualaLumpur-London flight and just arrive at Doha.

It’s first time to  me to land Middle East.

I proceed to QR’s transfer desk to get fast pass for security lane.


I still have 2hours to next flight, Doha – London.

So, I kill a time in business class lounge after I clear security.

The lounge is surprisingly big!

The facility is great. Lounge receptionist isn’t enough helpful though.

I ask for plastic or paper bag to put my stuff in. The receptionist advise me to go down to duty free shop as she is confident the duty free staff will give me a plastic bag.

After all, they don’t give me a bag. It’s just a waste of time and extra walk.

It was better if the receptionist had called duty free to check if it’s available before advising me to go there by myself. Maybe I had too much expectation as their cabin crew was super nice.

Okay, I give up a bag and come inside the lounge.

Water fall.

Dining area.

Another dining area.

Wet towel is set instead of paper towel in a rest room.

I have a little nap on this seat.

Finally!!! It’s finally a time to board a flight to London.

Guam – Manila – KualaLupmur – Doha – London. What a looong journey.

I leave lounge and head to boarding gate.

Who is this bear???

Okay, next flight is operated by B777 aircraft.

Good bye, my first Doha. I wish I can enter the country to visit sites next time.

<To be continued to next post>

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