I left Osaka and flew to Seoul by Korean Air.

Korean Air is so comfortable.

But, inflight map is so Korea.

East Sea (Korea) vs Sea of Japan (Japan)

Dokdo (Korea) vs Takeshima (Japan)

It is so political. lol

Anyway, let’s go forward! (This is not a blog to discuss about politics)

I arrived at Seoul! It is 2nd time to land here.

I took an express train AREX to Seoul station.

My hotel is here!

Four points by Sheraton.
It is walk distance from Seoul station.

The hotel is still new (it opened 6months ago).

So, facilities are so clean and modern.

I would like to report you that front clerk was smiley, helpful and handsome. lol

(I told him I upload his pic on my blog)

My room is located on 27th floor!

Ok, come on, it is my room tonight.

The room is not big but comfortable!

I like it.

Though I stayed in Seoul only for one night, I could not wake up early.

Because it is too comfortable! lol

The front clerk gave me late checkout at 4pm. Thanks!

It is because I am SPG Gold member, I guess.

This hotel was about USD 125 for one night.

I really recommend this hotel if you stay in Seoul.

I am sure I will also repeat.

Ok, it is time to go out in Seoul!

<To be continued in next post>

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