I arrived at Kansai airport to fly to Seoul.

When I came to designated boarding gate, it was already boarding time printed at Boarding pass.


Gate agent made a public address ‘The aircraft that will be used for your flight has just arrived’.

Oh…. Late arrival of aircraft.

Aircraft is wide A330.

I guess it takes at least 30min to prepare cabin for boarding.

Ok, I kill a time in lounge.

I have gold status of Aegean Air and Turkish Air.

So I can access vip lounge when I take star alliance airline.

However, what I would take is Korean Air, a member of Skyteam.

Then, how do I access lounge?

Don’t worry! I have this!

AMEX Sky Traveler credit card.

I use this card to earn miles and it has lounge access privilege at some airport.

Kansai airport is one of them.

The lounge is like this.

It isn’t as luxury as airline lounge, but is enough to kill time with charging iPhone.

iPhone is my lifeline! lol

Ok, I kill 30min here and came back to gate.

I am relieved that boarding has started already.

Flight delay is minimal.

Good bye Osaka, I am going to Korea now.

<To be continued in next post>

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