Why do I write this blog in English. Some friends, especially Japanese friends, ask me so.

As you see, I am not English-native and am not good at English at all.

At least I can communicate with people in English, but the level is ‘Ok for conversation’ level.

And I cannot say I like English.

Everyday I watch Japanese youtube channel or read blogs posted in Japanese once I go home from English-spoken work place. I need ‘English- free’ time to refresh myself. lol

Then, why do I still write in English?


Actually I was in Japan when I started this blog and wanted to show non-Japanese people how Japanese person (me. lol) thinks and what Japanese life is like.

That’s a first reason I started this in English.


After that, I moved to Guam, a small island of USA, where English is spoken.

People here are native in English and introduce the island life to the world in good English.

Then, I don’t need to introduce my life in Guam in English.

It may be helpful if I introduce it in Japanese to Japan’s people.


But I still do in English.

It is because I am alien living in Guam. Though I live here, I am still Japanese having Japanese view, common sense, way of thinking and background.

Guam seen by a person with Japanese background may have different color from the one people born in Guam see.

So, I decide to keep blogging in English to record ‘How Japanese person see Guam life and the world.

Oh, I should mention I don’t know if I am typical Japanese having typical Japanese sense though.



Please forgive me in late post.

Actually most posts are more than 3months late than my real life.

I post about Sydney trip recently but I visited there on May.


I am not lazy in writing but am very so in English.

If I try posting in CORRECT English, it will be further late.

So, I don’t recheck if my English is okay in this blog. Otherwise,,, my brain will require more ‘English-free’ youtube time.

I wish smart readers, you, guess and get what I mean even when I have wrong grammar or words.


Huh. I write enough in English tonight. It’s Japanese youtube time 🙂

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