4th night stay in Sydney is at Sydney Harbor Marriott.

Oh, i should spell ‘Harbour’, not ‘Harbor’, coz it is Australia where UK English is spoken.

Actually I didn’t expect so much for this hotel as reviews posted online, like TripAdvisor, for this hotel was not all good.

But, a few days before checkin day, I received a message from guest relations.

It’s a good welcome.

Okay, now I come in the hotel.

Front clerk is Asian girl. She is very friendly and nice.

My expectation goes up.

The room I am assigned is


So small…

It’s first time I don’t get upgraded at Marriott after I got Gold Member status.

Bath room is

It’s further smaller. There is not even tub.

Okay, let’s go to lounge. I don’t want to spend time in small room.

Hmmm. The lounge entrance is not luxury…

Inside is

Inside is okay. Not bad.

It has got a good coffee machine.

There is a choice of full cream milk and skim milk.

The lounge facility itself is okay but food served in the lounge is,,,, not enough for me.

This is breakfast.

I stay 5 hotels in Sydney at this time and this one is the most disappointing.

I think this hotel should be branded as Courtyard by Marriott or Renaissance, not Marriott.

5th hotel in Sydney is Fourseasons.

It gives me much better experience.

I will write about it soon.

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