I missed by flight to London due to late arrival in Manila…

I had 5days vacation but I gave up the destination…

Do I spend 5days in Manila? Or, do I go back to Guam?

No! I wanna go somewhere!

I checked a destination where I can go at the cheapest fare while I stayed in Manila for one night.

I found it. It is Taipei.

Manila to Taipei is only USD200 for round trip by Chine Airlines.

On the following day, August 5, I came back to Manila airport. China Airlines use Terminal 1.

It is second time I use terminal 1 but it looks so different from the one I remember.

It is renovated?

But, its loooong queue is still as it was.

I was at queue before the counter opened, and achieved exit seat!

The flight is only 2hours but cabin crew served hot meal. Good!

Selfie inflight. lol

Okay, now I arrive at Taipei.

I think this airport is also renovated.

<To be continued>

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