I had a vacation in Sydney.

I live in Guam and there is no direct flight to Australia.

United used to operate flight to Cairns but it is already suspended.

So, my iteninary is as below.

Guam – Narita (Tokyo) by United

Haneda (Tokyo) – Sydney by ANA

My destination is south to Guam but need to go northward first to transit in Tokyo.

Check in counter in Guam.

There are Japanese sign board in this airport coz so many Japanese tourists visit here for vacation.

After check in, I wait boarding call in United Club.

By the way, I only have this small carry case for this 8days vacation.

Okay, it is time to board United’s B777-200.

My seat is 4A.

It is full flat business class seat.

There are seats facing to rear of the airplane.

It is good that I request forward-facing seat in advance.

Now airplane takes off. See you, Guam.

The flight has got very nice crew members.

The announcement told us that 12Japanese crews are onboarded. It’s already like Japanese Airline. lol

I arrive at Narita after 4hours flight.

I feel at home when this sign board welcome me.

This says ‘Welcome back home’ in Japanese.

But I just change airplane in Tokyo at this time. lol

<To be continued to next post>

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