When I arrived at Tokyo, I sent my suitcase to my house in Nagoya from Narita airport.

It is Free coz my AMEX credit card has the benefit.

I sent it on 2/4 and expected to receive it during 2-4pm on 2/6.

I really needed to receive it as requested because my return flight was from Osaka Kansai airport on 2/8.

Osaka is far away.

I was about to send repacked suitcase to Kansai airport so that I didn’t need to carry it by myself.

As per post office staff, deadline to accept the suitcase was 6pm on 2/6 coz it should arrive at the airport at least a day before the flight day just in case.

I expected to receive the suitcase from Natita at 2pm on 2/6, and repack, and bring it to post office by 6pm to send to Kansai.

However, it wasn’t delievered to me even at 5:30pm.

Hey, it is almost the deadline!!!

I called Post office.

I was explained that the suitcase was misloaded on wrong truck and would be delivered at 6pm.

Come on! It is first time I experience this!

Why did it happen when it was in hurry?!!

After all, it was delievered at 7pm.

I asked Narita post office staff to explain the situation to Nagoya post office staff so that they understand it wasn’t my mistake and accept my suitcase even after 6pm.

And, yes, they did.

Sigh. I could send it after all but I almost needed to carry it by myself.

I don’t like to travel with big suitcase. Haha.

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