I went to HongKong on 2/13, while I was in Japan for vacation.

The flight was HK Express, from Nagoya to HongKong.

It is LCC but seat size is acceptable.


I arrived at HongKong after 4.5hours flight.

Okay, withdraw HKD at HSBC ATM and then take a bus to tonight’s hotel.

Hotel is Wharney GuangDong Hotel.

It is located in WANCHAI, room charge was about USD70 a night.

Not bad. I remember hotel in HK is more expensive normally.
See? Room is okay.

Chinese New Year decoration at hotel lobby!

Yes, it was new year’s eve there.

Year of Money was coming!

I came to HongKong to experience CNY!

<To be continued>

One thought on “Chinese New Year in HongKong

  1. Wow, great photos!! I’m glad you had a wonderful and exciting trip with out problems. That is great to hear.

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