I visited Guam and stayed there for 2 nights last week for job interview.

It was first time for me to take United flight.


One customer service agent talked to me at boarding gate coz we know each other.

(I used to work in the airport as other airline’s supervisor)

She told me another customer service agent found my name on reservation list when they had prepared for check-in.

I am happy airport staff still remember me.


Inflight meal was light snack coz this flight from Nagoya (Centrair) to Guam was night flight.

Departure time was 20:45 and arrival at Guam would be 1:00 am.

It was comfortable flight coz 2 seats next to me were left vacant. Yeah!

Upon arrival, I found another flight from Japan (maybe from Osaka?) had also just arrived and most passengers of the flight were high school students.

Maybe school trip?

I rushed into immigration so as not to be mixed with this big group having more than 100 teenagers…

Yes, I did it and cleared immigration very quickly.

Japanese doesn’t need to secure ESTA to visit Guam without visa but I secured it for faster and smoother immigration screening.

I cleared customs also very quickly coz my baggage was attached with priority tag.

I have Star Alliance Silver Tier.

Normally priority service is not provided to Silver Tier holder (It is only to Gold Tier holder) but United Airlines extends it.

I appreciate it.

Then I took shuttle to a hotel.

I checked in hotel before 2:00 am.

Guam airport is very close to hotel area. It is good.

<To be continued to next blog>

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