Please read previous post first ‘Trip to Guam 1‘.

Guam was sooo hot! It is really a southern paradise.




I found Eggs’n Things along ‘Hotel Road’.


It is famous Hawaiian restaurant.

There are some chains in Tokyo but none in my home town -Nagoya.

Of course I ordered Pancake.

This is blueberry pancake.

What a big whipped cream! I love it!

But, regrettably I couldn’t finish it… Too much for me, one person.

I had a good time in Guam. Job Interview was also successful, hopefully.

And, finally my return flight to Nagoya on United Airlines.


I checked in the flight and was awaiting boarding call at pre-departure area.

But, PA (Public Address) stating the flight would be delayed 30 minutes was made.

Well, it was okay. Just 30 minutes.

And then, customer service agent started to call all passengers by name.

My name was also called.

The agent collected my boarding pass and gave another one.

What happened???

It seemed my seat was changed.


Maybe aircraft  was changed last minutes to avoid further delay.

And, when I finally boarded aircraft, I found my new seat was exit seat that normally requires extra pay.

This seat has almost double leg space.

Yeah! Lucky!

It may be because I have Star Alliance Silver Tier???


I arrived at Nagoya around 20:00.

Whenever I saw this blue-colored jet bridge, I feel at home.


This blue is named ‘CENTRAIR BLUE’.

Actually I didn’t know it when I had worked in this airport. lol

Centrair is a nick name of this airport – Central Japan International Airport.

I used to see this blue bridge as staff and am seeing it now as passengers.

When will I see it again? Where will I go next?

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