As I posted before, I missed a flight to London on August. Please refer to my post ‘Trouble Travel Log’.

So, I rebooked the flight to 4th of October. Finally I went to London!!!

When I left Guam for trip on August, I just brought a small handcarry bag as it was summer.

However, on October, it’s already autumn and it must be cold in London. I need to bring jacket…

Suitcases I have are too small or too big. I don’t have middle size that is good for this trip.

Okay, I need to buy it.

I went to macy’s.

I remember some suitcases are discounted.

Yes, I found some with discount label!

I don’t need expensive one but don’t want too cheap one.

Hopefully it is a famous brand…

Oh! I found good one !

It’s Samsonite.

Regular price is USD260 but it is discounted to USD129.99.

It’s half price. Good!

Furthermore! Another 15% disocount was applied at cashier and it is USD110 after all!

It’s surprisingly cheap. Samsonite is much more expensive in Japan, I think.

Anyway, I went to London with this suitcase.

I will post my London trip blog soon.

Stay tuned. lol

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