Finally I departed Guam for London on 4th of October.

My itinerary was as below.


Guam – Manila (United, B737, Economy class)

Manila-Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia Airlines, B737, Business class)

Kuala Lumpur – London (Malaysia Airlines, A380, Business class)


When I was planning the trip for August, Guam to Manila flight was Philippine Airlines, but I took United at this time as PAL didn’t operate the flight on the day.

When I checked in the flight in Guam airport, I asked for a lounge access to check in agent.

I have Star Alliance Gold status at Turkish Airlines.

Check in agent, however, answered ‘I input your Turkish Airlines membership number in the system, but system shows you are not Gold member’.

Nooooo way!

Me ‘Please check it again. I am sure I am active Gold member’.

Agent ‘I cannot find it. Please talk with lounge receptionist by yourself’.

Haha, okay. DO IT YOURSELF is airline’s very usual phrase.

I also used the phrase every day when I worked at airport.

I proceeded to Unite Club entrance and explained it to receptionist.

Receptionist ‘Are you Gold member? Or, were you?’

Me ‘I am active Gold member. I just rechecked it online’.

Receptionist ‘Well. Please wait’.

It took a minute.

Receptionist ‘Yes, you are Gold. I think your membership number was not correctly input in the system. I change the input format and now the system shows your are Gold’.

Good job. I was admitted the lounge access.


United Club in Guam is not big, but is much better than outside waiting area.

My trip just started.

<To be continued to next post>

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