I stay at Airbnb room in Tokyo.

It is my first Airbnb stay!! Hotels, even budget hotels, are very expensive in Tokyo.

At this time, I stay here for 6nights. If I book regular hotel, it will be $1000 up…

That is why I chose Airbnb.

I still don’t want to share a room with anyone. So I choose a room which I can solely occupy.

This is the room.

It is small but clean.

It is regular studio room.

Shower room is small but the owner provides shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

But there is no shower curtain! Why??

Everytime I take shower, floor gets wet…lol


Overall, I am satisfied with the room.

The location is convenient. It is 5min walking distance from Sasazuka station which is only a few stations away from Shinjuku.

And it is cost effective. I stay for 6nights with late check-out on last day.

How much do I pay? It is only JPY31972, approx $300.



My first Airbnb stay is successful and satisfactory. I wanna try another room via Airbnb somewhere else also.

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