I go one night trip to Macau from Tokyo.

I loooove Macau though I don’t gamble (anymore).

The reason why I like Macau is its gorgeous hotels. Yes, Macau has lots luxury hotels available at affordable rate.

So, I take early morning flight from Tokyo Haneda airport to HongKong.

I fly to HongKong and transfer to a ferry for Macau.

HK express is one of my favorite airlines.

I pay extra for bulk head seat.

HK express is budget airline and doesn’t serve complimentary inflight meal. I have a soap in airport before boarding.

It is enough as the flight is really early. Departure is 6:35am.

Okay, it is time to board. My seats is first row, 1D.

It is larger leg space.

The flight is about 4hours. I have nothing to blog about the flight.

Nothing happens on LCC flight. No meal, no entertainment and no drama.

Something to be blogged happens upon arrival.

The flight arrives on time at open spot (called also ‘remote bay’. It is parking space without jet bridge)

Cabin crew opens door and one ground staff is there.

Ground staff takes flight document from the crew and leaves the aircraft, and,,,,,




The ground staff is gone. Cabin crew is looking for something over the opened door.

Oh, I get it!

It is open spot but no bus is there! We cannot deplane!


Captain makes announcement about 5min later and explains there is no bus available for this aircraft yet.


Wait wait wait.

15min later, finally bus comes to our aircraft.

I don’t mind the tardiness but I wanted crew to close the door as cold wind came into the cabin. I should have not reserve the first seat??


Anyway. I take a ferry from the airport now.

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