I leave HongKong and fly to Osaka by All Nippon Airways (ANA / NH).

I take airport shuttle bus from Intercontinental Grand Stanford to Kowloon station.

There is flight checkin facility in the station but it closes 90min before flight departure.

My flight time is  15:20 and I arrive at the station 88min before.

Check in counter just closed…

Anyway I already check in online and wanted to just add my frequent filter program number. I can still do it in airport.

So I take a train and move to airport.

I add my Turkish Airways (TK) mileage number at ANA check in counter and head to lounge.

I fly economy class but have Star Alliance Gold status with TK.

First I come to Singapore airline (SQ) lounge.

I have urgent work and want to do it in lounge coz I don’t brink my laptop with me at this time.

The lounge receptionist told, however, this lounge is not equipped with PCs.

Next, I move to United Club.

It is nicer than SQ’s one in HongKong airport.

But I don’t have sufficient time to complete my work coz it was far from SQ’s lounge…

Time up. Only 10 – 15min in the lounge and move to boarding gate…

Aircraft is old B767-300.

Seat monitor is smaller than new generation aircrafts.

ANA is replacing this aircraft with brand new B787.

I wish to fly with B787 even in economy class.

Come on, 5star ANA!


(The inflight magazine says ‘Awarded 5 star for 5 continuous years’ in Japanese.)

Inflight meal. It is okay quality for this 4hours flight.

I arrive at Osaka on time.

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