I stay in Osaka for one night at this hotel.

After I check out, I head to Itami airport.

Osaka has two airports, Kansai (KIX) and Itami (ITM). Itami is purely domestic airport.

I check in ANA’s flight for Tokyo Haneda.

I booked a flight departing at 1pm but I arrive at airport at 10:30am.

Itami-Haneda flight is operated almost every hour.

I ask checkin agent if I can take 11am or 12 noon flight instead of 1pm.

This is mile award ticket but ANA allows passenger to take earlier flight if there is available seat at airport. It is allowed only for domestic flight.

Check in agent tells me ‘You can take 11am flight if middle seat is acceptable’.

Sure! This is short domestic flight. Any seat is fine.

Check in agent asks me to rush to gate as it is already 25min to departure.

But I am so thirsty. I stop by ANA lounge and just have one glass of cold green tea.

Okay, let’s board.

It is second time for me to take Itami-Haneda flight. This flight is always full of business persons wearing in business suits…

I am seated in middle of business man and business man. lol

Okay, it is just one hour. I arrive at Tokyo!

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