DimSum in HongKong

I am sorry I didn’t post any almost for a month.

I just wrote about my HongKong visit in last blog, am I correct?

It was already 2months ago but anyway I should complete it.

Okay, in HongKong, I always come here.

Chungking Mansions.

Its currency exchange shop offers better rate than outside.

Okay, now I have enough HKD.

Let’s take a bus and go having a lunch!

What a cute bus seat 🙂

I had a lunch here. London Restaurant.

It is famous for DimSum severe by cart.

It is so HongKong anyway! I love DimSum!

What did I visit HongKong for?

Just for Chinese New Year and DimSum.

I didn’t see any friend as I had only one night there.

It is already the time to fly.

Good bye HongKong! See you again soon!

1 thought on “DimSum in HongKong

  1. There are plenty of Asian cuisine here in Toronto, Canada but I have never had DimSum. I will definitely try it soon! Thank you Yu.

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