I will travel to London from 4th of August.

Actually it is just 5days vacation.

I will spend most time in flight or at airport, and my time in London is only 2nights. Haha.

So, I don’t bring big suitcase.

My travel bag for this time is only a small carry case and a hand bag.

What’s in my carry case?

Clothes, small body bag, shaver and hair wax in plastic bag, umbrella, slipper for flight cabin use.

That’s it.

What’s in my navy bag then?

A purse, camera, small bags.

In the smaller bag, I have these items.

And I have these in bigger one.

Okay, I have all what I need here.

And, of course, passport!!!

I am ready!!!

One thought on “TRAVEL TIPS: What’s in my travel bag?

  1. You certainly know how to travel light my dear friend. Enjoy your trip and have a wonderful time!

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