I stay in The Ritz Carlton Osaka.

It is my first experience in The Ritz Carlton.
When I come into the hotel entrance, a staff in black jacket come out of the door and rushes toward me.

I thought he is chasing someone. But actually he rushes really to me to help in luggage.

OMG! He really runs for 20 – 30m!

Another great offer is given at front desk.

‘You are our Gold Member. We upgrade you to Suite room’ said front clerk.


The Ritz Carlton is under Marriott’s umbrella and I am Gold member of Marriott.

But I didn’t expect Suite room in this hotel.

I am excited to open a door. Oh actually I don’t open it. Bell staff who escorts me to the room does. lol

I like this sofa color! Beautiful blue.

And bed room.

It has a good view.

Night view is also gorgeous.

When I come back to the room after dinner, turndown is already done and there are 2 chocolate at bed side.

Why do I sleep in this beautiful room by myself? lol

I like also this bath room.

Bath amenity is Asprey. I think The Ritz Carlton uses this barnd’s amenity worldwide.

Sadly sadly sadly I spend only a short hours in this hotel as I have so many things to do in Osaka.

But I am really satisfied with the hotel and hope to come back again!

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