Saturday off.

I woke up very late.

It was already a lunch time. Vietnamese lunch.

After the lunch, I brought iPad and iPhone to bath room and had loooong bath time.

I love taking a bath with iPad to watch YouTube.

It was almost 3hours in bath. Haha.

After it, I went out to drive around the island.

It is sunny here in Guam today!

It is the Guam view.

It is small island with beautiful beach.
Oh I am hungry already.

Dinner at IHOP. It was my first visit to IHOP.

I ordered this.

Big Steak Omlette and Chocolate pancake.

Ah I had toooo much. They are very good and my stomach almost overflow.

Okay, let’s walk around to make a space in my stomach.

I walked along night beach for one hour.

Night dark beach. A bit scary… lol

After the walk, my stomach got okay but I got sweaty.

Haha, it was already 9pm.

I had good Saturday off.

One thought on “Saturday OFF

  1. Yes it is nice to sleep in and take a long bath when not working. You certainly had delicious food to top up your day!

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