I am in straight 2days off.

To relax and refresh my mind, I booked a suite room in resort hotel.

I booked it via hotel booking website at 3:30pm and arrived at the hotel at 4pm yesterday.

However, front clerk told me that the booking was not reflected in the hotel system yet and kept me waiting for 20min.

Instead, they upgraded my room from standard suite to Ocean view suite! Yeah!

The room is a bit old but enough big.

Living, kitchen and bath room and bed room.

I bought a slice of cake outside and brought to the room.

I stayed in the room all day long and just had lazy day off.

When I was teen, I was dreaming to stay in a hotel room every month without any purpose and just to relax myself.

My old dream is almost there.

Where will I stay next month?

One thought on “STAY: Verona Resort – Suite Room

  1. Wow that is so cool. I am happy your dreams are coming true. It certainly is fun just to relax and not have to worry about doing anything. Enjoy your time in solitude my dear friend. Hugs, Rudy.

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