It is one of the most famous and popular Ryokan (Japan’s traditional hotel) located in Ishikawa prefecture, Japan.

I have never visited but really want to do in future.

I didn’t know this my dream comes true in Taiwan.

Kagaya opens Japan-style hotel also in Taipei in 2010. Its name is Radium Kagaya Taipei.

It’s in Beitou that is about 30min distance from central Taipei by train (MRT).

I visited there to enjoy hot spring. Even if you don’t stay at the hotel, you can still enjoy hot spring.

The price for using hot spring is 1400Taiwan dollar (weekend). It is about 45US dollar.

It’s a kind of expensive experience.

But, I found a way to get it discounted.

If I call Kagaya in Japan to make a reservation for Kagaya Taipei, it is discounted to 800Taiwan dollars. It is about 25US dollar.

I am not sure if staff in Kagaya Japan speaks English, but you may try it. (TEL: +81-767-62-1111)

To reach Kagaya Taipei, I took a MRT to Beitou station from central Taipei, then changed a train bound for Xin-Beitou station.

The train itself is painted of hot spring.

Kagaya is 5-10min walk distance from Xin-Beitou station.

I am surprised to see the staff wearing in Japan traditional uniform (Kimono) begged to leaving customer.

Beg, wave hands and beg. It’s so Japanese way.

One of them escorted me to hot spring from the hotel entrance.

She is Taiwanese but her behavior is also so Japanese.

They are well trained!


It’s a time to enjoy.

Hot spring is also pure Japanese style.

Shampoo, hair conditioner, body wash etc. are UK’s.

Natural cosmetic brand, ESPA! I like it.

I was planning to but it if I didn’t miss my London flight. lol

It’s good, at least, I could use it here in Taipei.

I would say Kagaya is not ‘Japan-style hotel’. It is real ‘Japan’s hotel’.

It is worth to try if you like Japan’s traditional hotel.

<To be continued>

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  1. The subway is so clean and beautiful looking. You must have had a great time in the great hotel as well.

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