I bought this in Japan.

Bottles of wine?

No no.

They are bottled tea!

Pink labeled one is Darjeeling. Other two are oolong tea.

One bottle is about USD50.
Soooo expensive!

The tea is made by a company ‘ROYAL BLUE TEA’.

They make it to offer luxury drink also for no -alcohol drinker at luxury or important dinner scene.

I don’t have luxury dinner but wanted to try it.

I should have used wine glass but I don’t have it as I don’t like wine…

Instead I poured it in champagne glass.


Okay, i should be honest.

I cannot get any difference between this tea and cheap tea that is just 1dollar. lol

Yes, this tea is tasty. But, for me, cheap tea is also tasty.

I am sorry I am not worth for the luxury tea.
i just wanted to try it for experience. Haha.

One thought on “Japan’s Luxury Bottled Tea -Royal Blue Tea

  1. It is always great to have different experiences Yu. Very interesting to see tea in bottles, never heard of it before. I gave up drinking coffee years ago and since been drinking tea. My favourite is peppermint tea. Thank you again in educating me more!

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