I went back to Japan for vacation.

I searched a flight and found Philippine Airlines is the cheapest.

So, I booked one way Guam-Manila-Narita (Tokyo).


I am given an exit seat. Wide leg space!

Inflight meal was much better than my expectation.

I arrived at Manila ahead of schedule.

As I had almost 5hours there, I wanted to go to downtown, Makati.

However, some ground crew advised me not to go there cox I may miss connecting flight due to traffic.

Oh, yes, traffic in Manila is terrible…

As advised by her, I just went to Resort World.

It is just 1km away from airport terminal 2 but it took 1hour by taxi.

This is the traffic…

Finally I arrived there.

I didn’t know Manila has such a gorgeous casino resort!

RE Camera

It’s like Macao!!!

I walked around and didn’t play after all.

I am tired of casino already. lol

Then, I returned to airport again.

One hour taxi journey again…

Flight PR432 to Narita.

Aircraft is bigger.

Inflight meal is again good!

Due to ATC, the flight took off 1hour late and I arrived Narita a bit late.

It was freeeeeeezing!

My friend working in Narita airport waited for me! Thanks!

I took a bus to Tokyo Akasaka and stay at Apa hotel.

It is small but comfortable room.

I was happy to enjoy Japanese TV. lol

I am away from Japan for one year already thoght I visited Japan Almost every 3months.

<to be continued to next post>

One thought on “FLIGHT: Philippine Airlines Guam – Manila – Tokyo

  1. Really nice pics. Wish I was there, as it is -25°C here on the weekend. You are lucky. Enjoy your time.

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