After I had dinner at night market, I went clubbing.

Start the night with China Blue.

So many young people in the club.

Am I the oldest? lol

Songs are mostly K-pop. I didn’t know K-pop is so popular in Taiwan.

I am not familiar with K-pop and songs only I know were ‘Gangnam style’ and ‘I’m not your’s’ sung by Jolin and Japanese diva Amuro Namie.

Second drink, Sex on the beach.

5-6people teen people talked to me.

I danced with them but couldn’t stay till morning with them because I am not as young as they are.

I left them at 3 am. I enjoyed the night so much!

<To be continued>

One thought on “Clubbing with teen in Taipei

  1. Wow, you must have had lots of fun! Your adventure brings back so many fond memories of going to gay clubs. I think you will be surprised at how many do like older guys! Living here in Canada, I listen to K-pop and adore some of the bands that I watch on YouTube and on K-pop websites. Keep enjoying the bars and your dancing, you are as young as you feel! Thank you for the memories my dear friend.

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