I have been in Guam for 8 months so far.

As you know, Guam is a Micronesian island and a part of US territory.

I, however, have big difficulty in hearing English.

English….. English….. American English!!!

I cannot catch what American pronounces!

I am sure British English is clearer and easier to catch!

Well, actually I felt ‘British English is hard to understand!’ when I was in UK.

But, it was because British people talked to me very fast even how I emphasized I am poor at English!

If they speak slowly, I can understand.

On the other hand, Americans,,, why do you speak only in your mouth! To me, you are like, mumbling!

Please please pronounce to me clearly… After a short conversation, you must already know what level my English is!

Well, actually, if we talk about grammar, vocabulary, how to spell word, I much prefer American English to British English.

I prefer soccer to football.

I prefer center to centre.

I prefer color to colour.

I prefer ‘Do you have it?’ to ‘Have you got it’?

I suppose it is because I initially learnt English in Japan.

We Japanese learns mostly American English at school.

They, however, focus only on grammar, vocabulary and spell, yes, written English!

That’s why I prefer written American English to written British English.

But, Japan’s English education didn’t give me a chance to learn how to pronounce or hear English!

That’s why I have such a big difficulty in understanding verbal American English now!

After I was given a written English eudcation at Japan’s school, I took English course in Sydney (Australia) and London (UK).

In London and Sydney, whenever I spoke American English, ‘English’ English teacher said ‘That’s American English! You are a bad student’ to me.

When I finally learnt real English, I was in British English society.

That’s why, about real conversation, I am okay at British English in comparison with American English.


I wish wish wish I will be okay at verbal American English someday…

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