I filed tax return for 2015 today.

Do all countries require all residents to file tax return annually?

I got surprised to know that I need to file it as I didn’t need to do it in Japan.

In Japan, employer files annual tax on behalf of employees.

It is called ‘Year-end tax adjustment’.

At year end, employee declares incomes earned out of the company, allowance etc. to the employer, and the employer adjusts tax withholding.

So, employee doesn’t need to file it directly to taxation office.

However, here in USA, there is no such a system.

So, I need to file tax to taxation office by myself.

My friends, staff and coworkers scared me and all said ‘You should prepare at least  USD2000 as most probably you will be required to pay it at tax return’.


It rally sacred me!!!

And, finally today I filed it at finance agent nearest to me.

The agent costed USD40 but helped me a lot!

Because, they told me I don’t need to pay additional tax but will be returned USD400.

!!!!! Really????!!!!

I am soooooooo happy!

I was really sacred and expected the worst.

But, I don’t need to pay USD2000!!!

Actually, if I earned about USD1000 more last year, I would be imposed additional tax about USD4000.

OMG! I really thank HR who set my salary a bit lower during initial introductory period.

If I was paid full even at the period, I needed to pay more tax.

As I am super happy, I went drinking with my boss.

Hahaha, it’s a good day. I am really happy and relieved.

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