In previous post, I introduce classical and gorgeous lobby and room of The Manila Hotel.

I tell you about a breakfast and pool in this post.


Before breakfast, let me show you pictures of light meal at lobby lounge.

I have nice noodle soap and halohalo (Philippine’s famous dessert) at the lounge.

I love Halohalo!

It comes with shaved ice, Ube ice and beans etc etc. Halohalo means ‘mix and mix’ in Talagog.

The hotel serves nice meal. I am excited also for breakfast.

Breakfast is served in this restaurant.

It is buffet style breakfast as many hotels have.

There are Philippines food, Korean, Indian etc.

There are also lots fruits! So Philippines!

Yes, the breakfast meets my expectation. I am full!


There is a footpath next to the restaurant going to swimming pool.

I walk through to the pool just to have a look, What a pity, I didn’t bring swimming wear.

Hotel pool is good as well! It was one of my dream to have drink in this pool bar.

The dream is not ‘pool-side bar’, it is ‘bar in the pool’.

I should come back with swimming wear next time!!!

The hotel is awarded as 5star hotel.

I pay only $87 for room and breakfast. How cost-effective you are!

I love Manila!!! lol

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