I cleared immigration and proceeded to departure floor in NAIA (Manila airport) terminal 1.

Malaysia Airline’s counter is still closed.

Actually there is still 5hours to flight departure.

I booked late flight at this time coz I missed connecting flight a few months ago here.

I am at the queue to ask ticketing agent if I can rebook to 2hours earlier flight.

And counter opens.

What ticking agent says is,,, ‘I need to call Malaysia’s head office to check your ticket restrictions’.

Okay…. Go ahead.

The agent gave me a chair coz I am business class passenger.


Thank you… But everybody at queue looks at me… I better keep standing than sitting this chair…

10min passes. The agent tells me I can take earlier flight at go show fee USD40.

No problem. I am willing to pay.

The agent issues MCO.

Now I remember I didn’t like issuing MCO when I worked in airport. Haha.

Okay, anyway I succesfully check in the flight.

Let’s wait for boarding in business class lounge.

Honestly speaking, the lounge is small and full of Asian passengers (including me lol).

It may be because there are Asiana and China Southern Airlines to depart soon. Korean and Chinese passengers are awaiting boarding.

After these flight departed, only a few leave in the lounge.

Can you see I am already a little tired?

Guam-Manila-Kuala Lumpur-London. My final destination, London, is still so far.

<To be continued to next post>

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