I was at party called ‘MAKE A WISH’ with boss and colleagues yesterday.
It was held at Hyatt.

The party is for foundation gala, yes, for charity for children.

A company I work for is charitable and buys tickets for this kind of party always.

Cocktail starts around 6:30 and party starts at 7:30.

I took a picture with Japanese girls who are managers of business partners.

In Guam, big party always have photoshooting area with professional camera crew.

I have never seen it at any party in Japan.

Food is good. Thank you, Hyatt.

By the way, dress code is Black Tie with Tennis Shoes.

I don’t know what it means. Why tennis shoes???

Anyway, I like party as it is an experience I cannot have in Japan.

And i am proud of our company always buying tickets for charity.

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