While I visited Osaka just for 10hours, I had one more place to visit at Shinsaibashi.

It is here!

Yes, Apple Store.

I wanted to come here to buy this!

iPhone 6S Plus 128GB!!!

Yeah, I got it!

It was almost JPY130,000 including case even after tax was waived.

(I am eligible for tax free shopping as I live outside of Japan)

It is expensive but okay. I cannot but it in Guam as there is no Apple Store there…

After I bought iPhone, I headed back to Kansai airport by train.

It was foggy at Rinku which is next station to the airport.

‘Rinku’ means ‘Next to airport’ in Japanese.

By the way, this building in the picture is Stargate hotel.

I remember I stayed there several years ago. It was good hotel.

Okay, it is the time to leave Osaka and fly to Seoul!

<To be continues in next post>

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