Finally! Finally i board Malaysia’s A380.

Once I missed the flight due to a delayed arrival of incoming flight.

Once I was offloaded from this aircraft due to aircraft deflect.

And finally I fly with you!!!

It’s not as stylish as Qatar’s business class but still has huge space for each passenger.

Business class is located on upper deck.

Crew serves welcome drink.

Inflight meal starts with sate. It’s so Malaysia!

I love salmon!!!

Deserts are cheese cake and Haagen Dazs.

Foods are good but the service is so slow…

Hmmm, Malaysia used to offer better service, I believe.

Seat is full flat but bed side is dusty…

Inflight magazine is damaged.

After two tragedies a few years ago, they started cutting extra cost and service, I guess.

I don’t say their service is bad, but it’s just okay.

I wish they will be good airline again in near future.

<To be continued to next post>

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