I got another trouble when I was in troublesome Taipei trip.

It’s my teeth… Old silver crown dropped…

I was so scared of pain though I didn’t feel any pain at the time.

I have an insurance covering also dental here in Guam, but my coworkers told me it is still expensive.

So, I went back to Japan.

I was sure dental service is cheaper in Japan. And I wanted to see also Japanese dermatologist for skin trouble.

Okay, I checked air fare to my home town, Nagoya.

It was more than USD1000. I can’t afford!!!

Actually it didn’t need to be Nagoya as I just wanted to see doctors.

After some searches,  I found that a flight to Osaka was much cheaper (about USD600) by Korean Air.


I left Guam early morning and arrived at Osaka still at morning.

I killed a time at cafe until clinics opened.

After all, dental was just JPY1400 (USD14) and dermatologist costed only JPY2000 (USD20).

It’s much cheaper than the cost in Guam. Good!

After I took a maintenance, I went to apple store to give my iPhone also maintenance.

I had a concern about battery. I think it’s getting out faster.

After I reported it to Genius Bar, apple staff agreed to replace my iPhone with new one.

He said ‘I don’t find any problem in your iPhone, but I replace it because you visit us from Guam. I want to do something for you’.

What a good service!

Okay, both I myself and my phone are maintend!!!

It’s time to enjoye spare time in Osaka 🙂

<To be continued>

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