I am sorry my blog post is still 4months late. This is my flight review for June.

I take PR111 for Manila.

Oh, it has got this good flight number.

I check in the flight at early morning.

Philippine Airlines doesn’t have a lounge here in Guam airport but I enter lounge with priority pass.

The lounge is not so big but at least I can have light breakfast.

Okay, I board the aircraft now.

The gate opens on time. I think I board too early.

It takes almost 40min until take off after I board, so I am almost sleeping and drop iPhone behind the seat.

A Filipino boy behind my seat helped me in taking iPhone back. Thanks!


Okay, now let me talk about in flight service.

What is unique in Philippine Airlines is this.

Crew distributes SIM together with immigration card.

It is Philippine’s mobile career Globe’s Traveler SIM and includes unlimited call to all Globe phones,20 SMS and 15MB internet. It is good only for 1 day but can be topped up in Philippine.

In addition, it has special promo with Philippine Airlines’ Mabuhay Miles and I get 500miles.

Wow. It is good and so unique.


Inflight meal is chicken cutlet.

The taste is good but the volume is not enough for me. I should have eaten more in lounge.

The flight is only 3hours.

I arrive at cloudy Manila on time.

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