After 2nights stay in Manila, it is time to go back to Guam.

I enjoy Manila so much.

I take Uber from The Heritage Hotel to airport Terminal 2 to take Philippine Airlines.

There is security check at the entrance.

Okay, now I check in the flight.


The counter is not busy but there are many passengers in gate area.

As per flight information system, most Philippine Airlines’ US and Middle East flight depart around this time.

I am given exit seat. It has large leg space.

Friendly crews of the flight!

Crew starts serving meal but I say ‘no thank you’ and just have ice cream.

Avocado ice is so nice.

It is red eye flight. I prefer having sleep than having meal.

When I wake up, the aircraft is already arriving at Guam.

When I alight the flight, purser laugh and says ‘you were in deep sleep’. Haha, yes i did. lol

It is already 5am. I am back here, Guam.

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