Is it Costco?

No, it is COST U LESS.


Costco used to be in Guam, but no more.

Instead, we have COST U LESS.

It looks really like Costco.

wpid-dsc01625.jpg wpid-dsc01627.jpg


Costco also has this kind of ‘American’ cake, doesn’t it?


Well, actually any supermarket store here has ‘American’ cake as here is a part of USA.

For me, COST U LESS is better because it doesn’t require annual membership.

So, I bought 24 bottles of mineral water.


Here in Guam, tap water is not good for drinking.

Finally I am free from going buying water every 2-3 days.

24 bottles is good for more than a week, hopefully. (I drink water quite a lot)

It was USD13.39.

Hm, not bad.

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