It is too late to write this but actually I was back to Japan on August on duty.

I had 2 duty days and 1 day off there.

Flight to Tokyo was full.

I can’t believe that wide B777 is full! Oh yes, it was summer vacation season…

In flight meal on Guam-Tokyo flight is better than the one on Guam-Nagoya that I usually take.


On Guam-Nagoya flight, I am served only sandwich.

Anyway, finally I am back to Japan!

(I am absent from Japan for less than 1 year yet though. lol)

In Tokyo, I stay in Akasaka area.

Hotel room is much smaller than my room in Guam, but I am still happy to stay in Japan.


Internet is faster.

TV program is all in my mother tongue, Japanese.

Good sweet is available even in convenience store.


When I worked in Japan, I really wished to work abroad.

Now I work outside of Japan and am missing my life in Japan.

How greedy am I? lol

Well, for me, life in Japan is so convenient but closed, life here is sometimes inconvenient but open.

I am crying for the moon. Where is my Ilha Formosa?

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