I had quite good time in Sydney.

It is a time of Good Bye finally.

For memory, I take Ferris wheel at Darling Harbor.

Then, I go back to Town Hall and take a train to airport.

Check in agent gives me boarding pass with express path ticket.

I wait for boarding call in Air NZ lounge.

Receptionist greets me by saying ‘Kiola! Konbanwa!’.

It is nice she greets in NZ’s and Japan’s way.

Shower room is big. No reservation or check in  is required.

After having some snacks, boarding is called.

Japanese people really love priority boarding. More than 10 passengers are lining up to board first.

Though I am eligible for priority boarding as business class passenger and Star Alliance Gold member, I prefer to stay seated until gate opens…

I love ANA’s business class seat!!!


I put blanket on monitor but slips against me during take off. Oh it is a mistake.

After take off, cabin crew comes to me and explain about meal service.

I choose Japanese meal.

After the meal, I change the seat to bed and go to sleep.

I forget to take a picture. I copy one from official website.


When I wake up, it is just one hour to land.

I ask cabin crew to give me a cup of soup.

I am back here, Tokyo.

Thank you, ANA. You are one of the best.

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