I started writing U.K. travel log but stayed lazy for almost a month.

Excuse me.

Anyway, I left Guam for Manila by United flight on  4th of November.

And finally arrive at Manila on time! (Do you remember my flight to Manila delayed for several hours and I missed connecting flight on August?)

Upon arrival, I proceed to transfer desk coz I am connecting to Malaysia Arline’s flight.

There is, however, no one there.

I ask security personnel how I can call Malaysia Airline’s staff and is advised just to wait.

I don’t think any staff is coming even how long I wait.

I think Malaysia Airline staff don’t know I am arriving from Guam as tickets are separate.

So I give up transfer desk and proceed to immigration to go up to check in counter.

Immigration inspector ‘You are unable to enter Philippines’.

Me ‘How come?!!’

Inspector ‘Your purpose of visit is transit. Then, you should proceed to transfer desk’.

Me ‘I did but no one was there. Please let me check in the flight at departure floor’.

Inspector ‘you aren’t admitted’.

No way!!!

Me ‘I paid for airport terminal fee as a part of ticket fare coz I purchased arriving and departing flight tickets separately. And I know Japanese national is allowed to enter Philippines without visa. I must be able to enter, I believe’.

I insisted it very nicely to avoid further trouble at immigration.

The inspector left the counter for 5min to discuss with her boss, and finally I am admitted to go through immigration.

Huh. Please don’t make me nervous.

Now I go to departure floor to check in Malaysia Airline flight.

<To be continued to next post>

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