Morning bread buffet at Heart bread ANTIQUE

Some days ago, I had breakfast at bread shop ‘Heart bread ANTIQUE’.


This is located at center of my home town – Kasugai (near Nagoya).

I think its Interior theme is Alice in Wonderland.



This bakery is famous for its bread buffet.


At morning, it is only 500yen (plus tax) with one drink.



Actually I woke up at 6:00 am and was ready in front of the bakery at 6:45 am (open 7:00 am).

It was because I heard the buffet is very popular and busy.

But it was not so busy when I visited. Maybe around 10 people were there including me.

It may be busier at weekend.

When I want to enjoy bread as I want, I will visit again at WEEKDAY!

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